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What is refurbished?

Our refurbished products have been thoroughly tested to ensure that any needed repairs are made. Then the products are cleaned and inspected and accessory parts such as cords and designation strips are replaced with new ones.

Our refurbishing process

  • Products first go through a rigorous testing process.
  • Any defective parts are replaced.
  • Next the products are cleaned thoroughly.
  • The following parts are then replaced: handset cord, line cord, designation strips, and handset if needed.
  • Lastly the product is re-inspected to ensure quality.

Are Refurbished items as good as new?

Frequently we find Refurbished products are indistinguishable from the new products.

Our Refurbished Guarantee

Just as all new products on our website include a warranty, All Refurbished products also include a warranty. Warranties for New and Refurbished products vary by manufacturer and item. Check the item description for exact details.