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Launching a web site design project can be a challenge for any business, and the process starts with defining what you want the site to do. Even if you're planning a simple web site with a few basic pages, you may find the complexity and cost of the project snowballing as more people - both internal and external - get involved.

At a minimum, you need a site with a professional look that reflects the mission of your business. The site should include your logo, key marketing messages, and basic information like your phone number, locations, and products. Or, your business may have more complex needs like collecting customer information, selling products online, or connecting to your internal software systems. Once you lock down exactly what functionality you need from your site, you'll be able to choose a web site design vendor who can offer you the best combination of value and results.

If you're not familiar with web site design, you may have some misconceptions to overcome. Some tasks won't be as simple as you imagine; other features you may not have considered may be fairly easy to add. The best web site design professionals act like consultants - working to understand your needs, then proposing solutions.

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