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A business phone system is one of the most important purchases your company can make. The telephone is often the easiest way to reach your customers, clients, and partners, and it should also be the easiest way for them to reach you. You don't want your important callers to be routed incorrectly, disconnected, or faced with a bewildering array of automated options.

What is a Hosted PBX?

A hosted PBX is a phone system that exists not as a hard drive in a cabinet or switch that is purchased and stored on premise, but rather in the cloud where you don't have to see it, manage or maintain it; that's all done for you. All you need is a IP phone and an internet connection. Forget about $150 an hour technicians, maintenance contracts, spending thousands of dollars for hardware; that is a thing of the past.
Companies who switch to a hosted PBX system on average save over 50% on their monthly phone bill. This is because you no longer pay the number of lines you use but for the number of phones on your system. Enjoy calling anywhere it the world because long distance is included in most plans.

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