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Monitored Alarm Systems

When companies consider monitored burglar alarm systems, it's usually for one of two reasons. Either they're getting a system installed for the first time, or they just experienced the loss and disruption to business operations caused by robbery, vandalism, or a break-in.

Monitored commercial alarm systems offer an inexpensive way to protect your business. Once you find a vendor and determine what works best, you can get set up with one right away - sometimes in a single workday. And learning how to use it is a breeze.

Monitored burglar alarm systems help deter burglars, discourage employee theft, and ensure employee safety. Composed of a series of devices that detect unauthorized entry, a monitored alarm sends a signal to a central monitoring station when an intruder is detected. These nationwide monitoring centers provide continuous service - 24/7/365 - and will alert local police to dispatch authorities to the scene as necessary.

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