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Mobile PBX

A mobile PBX answers your company calls and faxes

  • Mobile PBX answers all calls and faxes to your company's local or toll-free number.
  • Mobile PBX is on 24/7 and accepts incoming calls from any phone in the world.

Customers never get a busy signal

Whether you're on the phone or receiving multiple incoming calls, A mobile PBX will manages all calls to your company, so customers never get a busy signal.

Multiple local and toll-free numbers

  • Select multiple local or toll-free numbers that make sense for your business.
  • Available numbers include local numbers in over 200 available area codes, true 800 numbers, and vanity numbers.

A mobile PBX can manage calls and faxes to your company

  • Customers are greeted by an auto-receptionist
  • Your company auto-receptionist delivers the functionality of a sophisticated phone system, complete with professionally recorded interactive voice response (IVR) menus and greetings
  • Customers select an extension
  • With the touch of a button, customers can reach departments and access your company directory quickly and easily.
  • Each employee can have an individual extension and voicemail.
  • Customize hours, greetings and call forwarding

A mobile PBX makes it easy to configure your company phone system to work the way your company works.

  • Configure your company's auto-receptionist to handle calls based on your business's hours of operation.
  • Create professional greetings for your company, departments, user extensions, and voicemail.
  • Direct callers to voicemail, extensions, and alternate phone numbers based on date and time.
  • Total control over call handling
  • Based on answering rules, mobile PBX will routes calls to you or your employees, wherever they are.
  • Let callers wait for an available employee
  • Small business automatic call distribution (ACD) allows callers to wait in queue for your employees in departments.
  • Receive calls and faxes everywhere
  • Calls are directed to office, home, or cell phones

Your company phone system works seamlessly with your IP desk phone as well as existing phones, PCs, or mobile devices.

  • Communicate with customers from virtually any location.
  • Get voicemail and fax notifications sent to email
  • Configure your system to send email or SMS notifications whenever you receive a voice or fax message.

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