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Maintenance Management Software

As difficult as it can be to purchase business facilities, equipment, and vehicles, keeping track of the maintenance they require is an even bigger challenge - and it's one you'll be grappling with for years. To address this issue, companies across all sorts of industries are turning to maintenance management software (MMS).
These systems help you manage equipment and facilities effectively. They go by many different names and acronyms: computerized maintenance management systems or commercial maintenance management software (CMMS), enterprise asset management (EAM), predictive maintenance or preventative maintenance (PM) software, facilities asset management systems (FAMS), and more. While there are subtle differences between some of these terms, they cover largely the same tasks.

Maintenance management software can benefit many different organizations:

  • Manufacturing and industrial plants, warehouses, lumberyards, construction contractors
  • Local and federal governments, power and water utilities, transportation companies
  • Malls, office complexes, apartment buildings, property management firms
  • Schools, colleges, universities, hospitals
  • Hotels, laundry rooms, large retail facilities, golf courses, zoos and aquariums, libraries
  • Car rental agencies, equipment leasing vendors, other businesses with vehicle fleets

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