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VoIP Setup Checklist

Hosted PBX

One Premise PBX

1. Purchase IP Phones

1. Purchase a VoIP server

2. Prepare your location

make sure that your location is equipped with Ethernet data jacks and a network switch.

2. Purchase IP Phones

3. Request a consolation

to tailor the phone service to your individualized needs.

3. Locate a phone service provider

to provide you with SIP’s and/or analog lines.

4. Setup & Configuration

Once the phones arrive set them up in their designated places and then log on to your service providers website and configure them using your computers web browser

4. Installation

Have an installer setup and program your new VoIP system
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Hosted PBX

One Premise PBX

  • Lower hardware cost because you only need to buy phones.
  • Simple and easy to setup and configure.
  • No hardware to service or maintain.
  • Complete control over entire system configuration.
  • Adbility to intergrate with analog telephone lines.