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Backup Your Computer to the Cloud

Our computers contain valuable data. Data that is put a risk of loss or corruption due to an inadequate backup plan. Most people never think about backing up their computer until the unthinkable happens. Backing up to the cloud allows users to simple forget about backing up since it is all done discretely over the Internet without any user interaction required. All changes to documents or files are synced to the cloud to make sure that the backup files stored in the cloud are always up-to-date. Backing up to external volumes takes time and effort and if not taken off site it still puts your data at risk due to potential for theft or environmental disasters.


  • Ability to have multiple copies of the backups stored on multiple servers for added protection.
  • Backups are stored securely on off-site servers.
  • Backups take place automatically in the background.
  • Never run out of space because you get unlimited storage space for your backups.
  • Recover you entire computer easily or recover a single file with a few clicks.
  • Online Back-Up Done Right with!
Safe, Secure Computer Backup