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Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage allows you to securely store documents, images audio and video files in the cloud, allowing you to have constant access to your information from any computer. Cloud storage can also be used to eliminate the need for on premise servers and data centers and all of the maintenance and upkeep come along with on premise servers. Cloud storage gives you peace of mind, knowing that your information is not only secure and protected from unauthorized access, but is backed up and free from the risk of lost data that might arise from power outages or server break down.

Advantages of Cloud Storage

Cost: With Could Storage, you only pay for the storage space you actually use, saving you money when compare to purchasing and maintaining on premise servers.

Maintenance: There will be no need to maintain a local server, update any software or deal with any technical issues that may arise as the Cloud Storage provider covers all of these activities.

Access: The information stored on Cloud Storage can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection that securely accesses the Cloud Storage Portal.