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Most call center software purchases are for call centers that already have a system in place - even if it's a basic business phone system that simply hunts for open lines. Gather some information about your current message flow and call center procedures:
  • How many requests do you handle per month?
  • Where do your requests originate from? (phone, fax, email, web, online chat?)
  • What are your primary calls? (inbound or outbound? sales or service? internal or external?)
  • How many agents handle these calls? In how many locations?
  • What metrics do you currently use to measure performance?
  • What phone system are you currently using - are you set up for voice over Internet protocol (VoIP)?
  • What systems will the call center need to connect with (existing phones, databases, CRM, etc.), and will your current software systems interface with the call center software?
  • What's your budget for this purchase?
  • What IT resources are available to help integrate and maintain the system?
  • How will you measure the success of the new system?

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