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What is a Hosted PBX?

A hosted PBX is a phone system that exists not as a hard drive in a cabinet or switch that is purchased and stored on premise, but rather in the cloud where you don't have to see it, manage or maintain it; that's all done for you. All you need is a IP phone and an internet connection. Forget about $150 an hour technicians, maintenance contracts, spending thousands of dollars for hardware; that is a thing of the past.

Features, Features, and more Features!

Admin Portal, Call Announce, Call Continuity, Call Screening, Call Waiting Caller ID, Directory Assistance (411), Dynamic Caller ID, Emergency Assistance (911), Do Not Disturb, Multiple Devices on One Extension, Set Caller ID, Seven-Digit Dialing, Voicemail, Click to Call Me, Click to Dial, Conference Bridge, Custom Tagging, Dashboard, Paperless Fax, Local Number, Portability, Outlook Integration, Paging Group, Unified Inbox, Call Continuity, Work From Anywhere, Cell Phone Integration, Never Miss a Call, Voicemail to Email, Web Portal Interface, Voicemail Transcription, Call Pass, Call Logs, Call Screening, Backup and Storage, Company Call Recording, On-Demand Call Recording, Call Monitoring, Call Group, Call Forwarding, Call Park, Call Queue, Call Transfer, Local or Geographic Number, Main Company Number, Music on Hold, Virtual Mailbox, Virtual Receptionist, Toll Free Numbers.

How cost effective is a Hosted PBX phone system?

Save over 50% on your monthly phone bill
Companies who switch to a hosted PBX system on average save over 50% on their monthly phone bill. This is because you no longer pay the number of lines you use but for the number of phones on your system. Enjoy calling anywhere it the world because long distance is included in most plans.

The only equipment you need to buy is an IP phone
Buying the hardware for a new system has become much cheaper. Where previously one would need to purchase both a PBX System with many components for features such as voice mail and caller id along with the phones, the only hardware required for a hosted PBX are the phones, which are generally cheaper than phones for most standard phone systems.Please Fill Out the Following Form and One of Our Associates Will Contact You to Assist You in Finding the Phone Systems Solution that Best fits your Needs.

Is setting up a hosted system difficult?
No, unlike traditional PBX phone systems the required costly technicians to program and setup all configuration for a Hosted PBX is done online via a web portal accessible through any web browser. So it is easy to setup your new hosted system without the burden of a costly repair technician.

Is it costly to maintain?
The need for hiring local technicians to inspect an on premise phone system is eliminated. The hosted PBX phone system provider has support available by phone, email or chat to walk customers through any issues they may encounter.

Scalability, you phone system can infinitely grow as your business grows.
A hosted PBX phone system has no limitations regarding the number of phones that can be added to the system, there is no need for expansion cards or cabinets in order to add additional phones. A hosted PBX solution also eliminates the need for additional lines as each phone has at least two lines available to it at all times.

How does it work?

A Hosted PBX is a phone system that uses VoIP technology that allows voice communications over the internet. VoIP works by converting your conversation into secure data bits and sending those bits through the internet to the phone provider's network were it is converted back into audio for the other party. This is all done instantly while maintaining superior call quality.

What happens to my existing phone numbers?

Your existing phone numbers can be transferred over to your new phone system. Be sure to let your sales advisor know that you want to keep your phone number while order. To ensure that you do not lose your number make sure that you keep your existing phone service active until the number is transferred over to your new phone system.

What is a Virtual Number?

A virtual number allows you to have phone numbers with various area codes or even phone numbers for different countries so customers can call those numbers to avoid paying long distance charges or international rates. This also lets your customer know that you have a presents in that geographical area without physically residing there.

How does a Virtual Number work?

A Virtual Phone works much like an email address alias does. When the virtual phone number is call it is routed to a number of your choice allowing the caller to avoid costly long distance rates typically charged.

What is Softphone?

With a hosted PBX you get the ability to use a soft phone. A softphone is a phone that allows you to communication without the need of an actual phone by using your computer or mobile device. The softphone can be accessed via your computer's web browsers or with a Smartphone application. This allows you to make and receive phone calls from your office line wherever you are.

I heard that VoIP lacks 911 services?

This is simply not true, a hosted system is equipped with E911 which allows you to place emergency calls to 911. All you have to do is keep your address from that phone number up to date. Since the address is kept up to date as soon as a 911 call is placed your address is delivered to the 911 operator.